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Végre egy poszt Tigiről

Végre egy poszt Tigiről

For ENGLISH please scroll down. Text is below the video. Most múlt 16 hónapos. Azt hiszem bőven itt az ideje megírni róla az első posztot.  Végülis jobb később… Szóval Tig. Vagy Tigi, esetleg Tigrincs. Egyeseknek Tibi vagy egyenesen Tibor. Vagy C Tibor (C Ronaldo után szabadon), utalva az örömtől C betűbe hajló testére. Ilyenkor a … Continue reading

Agility of May&June in 110 sec :-)

I have put together the first ever agility video of Jet. It was a hard work I have to tell, and I can see room for improvement – regarding the video quality 🙂 The sequences we perform in the video are relative long, normally we practice 2-3 jumps at once, and sometimes at the end … Continue reading

Dogwalk first fun

After months of foundation training of the contact obstacles Jet made her first real dogwalk training yesterday.  As an introduction we lowered the dagwalk’s hight as much as we could  to make her feel relaxed and confortable while walking (running) on it.  Jet was surprisingly eased and self-confident during the practice. It seemed it was … Continue reading